Carp Company was established back in 1992 and is acknowledged by many Carp Anglers experienced and new comers alike to be among the best available. The Company is run by Bob Newman and Jules Webb, both are highly respected Carp Anglers with a proven track record. All Carp Company’s products are made in-house, so giving you total confidence that all products will be consistent and of the same high quality each time you purchase.

It is often said that confidence is the key to quality catches. At Carp Company we believe that if you have confidence in your baits’ ability to attract carp you are more than halfway there. All Carp Company base mixes are made with high quality human grade food ingredients. They have a balanced protein fat and carbohydrate profile and were needed an added vitamin/mineral source. During 1997 "Gardner Tackle" began to distribute Carp Company bait to tackle shops across the UK and worldwide. There are now outlets in most County’s across the country and stockists in various parts of the world including Italy, South Africa and Denmark to name just a few.

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25 Years of Bait Making.