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We are able to supply rolled baits in a selection of our Base Mix/Flavour combinations, and there are now lots of tackle shops around the country selling our rolled bait in 1kg bags. If you're having problems finding a shop that stocks the rolled bait you can call us direct; (minimum order is 5kg). All rolled bait includes your choice of flavour and The Aminol and Salmon Oil, if required. Sizes are from 14mm to 24mm; as well as barrel/pellet shaped baits.


• Icelandic Red with Caviar & Cranberry

• Icelandic Natural Impact

• Black Squid with Squid

• Aminol Acid with Squid & Lobster

• The Nut Mix with Sweet Cream & Choc Nut

• Winter Red with Sweet Cream & Cranberry

• Nutty Squid

• O-PM with Condensed Milk & Golden Corn Oil

• The Freeze with Liquid Freeze

• X-TC with Coconut


We can also offer tubs of paste, tubs of wafters as well as hard hookers to match most of the above baits. If you are unsure of what baits and combinations to use, just ask.


PUKKA POP-UPS - £5.99 Per Tub


















  • High-Viz Squid (Pink) 12mm & 16mm

  • Washed Out Caviar & Cranberry (Pale Pink) 12mm, 16mm & Barrels 

  • High-Viz Cranberry (Orange) 12mm & 16mm

  • Black Squid 16mm

  • Condensed Milk (Red & White) 16mm

  • Caviar & Cranberry 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm & 20mm

  • Caviar & Cranberry Fluro's 12mm, 16mm & 12mm & 16mm mixed

  • Pineapple (Yellow) 16mm, 12mm

  • Coco Nut (White) 12mm, 16mm









Caviar & Cranberry
Black Squid (Black)
Chewy's Special
Condensed Milk
High-Viz Squid
High-Viz Cranberry
Caviar & Cranberry Fluro's
Fruity Neckta
Barrels In All Sizes
Bait Sizes 10mm to 24mm
Black Squid
Seed of the Weed
Icelandic Red
Natural Impact
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