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The Icelandic Range

We use products that are highly nutritional, easily digested and

which are able to impart palatability to the finished base. We then

add Crab, Krill, Lobster and Shrimp extracts along with top quality

milk protein to produce a bait in which each individual ingredient

has superb attraction properties, this is one of the best fish based mixes on the market today. Icelandic Natural Impact is a high quality bait from Carp Company it is a classic in the making. We have used over 20 years of bait making experience to produce a high attract quality food source bait. Blending quality fish meal's, hydrolyzed fish proteins and milk proteins in conjunction with products like blood plasma. We have also added natural food items including fresh water shrimps & freshwater snails as well as water flies and daphnia to give this bait that crunch factor. We recommended the Lobster EPA with this one! All Carp Company 1kg base mixes are now packaged in plastic buckets for added freshness, the product is still sealed in plastic inside.  This also applies for the 5kg buckets. 









Icelandic Shrimp

£8.99 1KG / £36.00 5KG

Icelandic Red

£8.99 1KG / £36.00 5KG

Icelandic Natural Impact

£8.99 1KG / £36.00 5KG

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X-TC is a blend of high quality ingredients and additives including fishmeals, fish proteins, desiccated coconut and oyster grit to name just a few. Has a great look to the finished bait with the coconut and oyster grit adding a white fleck throughout. We recommend Coconut EPA with this one.








Black Squid

The Black Squid, What's It all about then? Never heard of a Black Squid before where do they come from then? How big do they grow? Any good for Pike? Just some of the questions we have been asked about this one. Well, let's answer that now, there is no Black Squid in this bait it refers simply to the colour of the finished bait when rolled. Because of the colour this one helps to outwit the tufties. Jammed packed with quality fishmeals, fish proteins and extracts. We have to recommend the Squid EPA with this one.







Nutty Squid

The Nutty Squid, here we go again!! Nervous break down was it? NO!!, it just contains our crushed and roasted nuts that we use in the Nut Mix. Our Nutty Squid is a must with this bait. As with the Black Squid this one is packed full of quality ingredients.

Aminol Acid

The Aminol Acid mix includes soluble fish and milk proteins as well as Crab, Lobster and Krill extracts. There are more than just a few differences from the Icelandic range, including the use of Green Lipped Mussel extract and a proven combination of Amino Acids plus the L-Zero-30.

The Nut Mix

The With one third of the base pure nut, this is one of those baits that the carp just can’t seem to get enough of. Highly advantageous on waters where nuts have been banned. Again top quality milk proteins are used along with some excellent cream products. The 1st and still the best!

Fruity Netka

The Fruity Nekta is a smooth and creamy mix, with an excellent blend of fruit products and bird foods, which will catch “straight from the bag”. An all seasons bait.

Creamy Milk

This very popular mix is made with a blend of top quality milk proteins and milk replacers, such as Vitamelo, along with several other milk products. Has proved itself to be a superb fish catcher all year round.


Seed of the Weed

What can we say about this mix apart from brilliant. A revamped and improved version of the original “Hemp Mix”. The “Seed of the Weed” will catch summer or winter. We recommend the Natural High and Super Sweet EPAs along with The Aminol and
C.S.L or Pure Hemp Oil.


O-PM - "Seriously addictive"
This is a full-on balanced food bait, it contains a small amount of fishmeals along with pre-digested soluble fish proteins. Quality milk proteins are used along with some excellent cream products, to help balance the bait. It also contains ingredients such as Krill and Poppy Seeds. This is an all seasons mix, try adding the combination of Golden Corn Oil and Condensed Milk EPA.


The Freeze
The Freeze has been specially formulated for use in cold water temperatures and, with its highly digestible base, allows a fast leak off of flavours and attractors. The ingredients provide a balanced protein and carbohydrate diet combined with an excellent amino acid profile to form an easily digestible food source for the winter.


Winter Red
With the success of the Icelandic Red in mind we put together the Winter Red, it has a lower oil content, more soluble proteins plus the correct ingredients for the carps dietary needs during the colder months. Ideal for Icelandic Red users who
would prefer not to change their winning combination, too much.

ALL BASE MIXES ARE £8.99/1KG and £36.00/5KG




Anchovy Plus - £9.99 per 250ml
Anchovy Plus is a thick brown horrible looking liquid with a very strong fishy taste. It is made from pure anchovies and carp love it. We recommend 5-10ml per 5-egg mix. Used as a hookbait glug in conjunction with The Aminol it can’t be beaten. It
can also be used neat in a PVA bag.
Aminol Plus - £9.99 per 250ml
The Aminol Plus is a pure fish protien extract, high in amino acids both essential and stimulatory.  It contains a high amount of nucleotide and free glutamatic acid, which forms part of the quality taste.  It is very soluble, even in the depths of winter and will not freeze. It is an excellent fish attractor.  Use in a mix at 10-30ml per 5eggs. It can also be used as a hookbait glug or even neat in PVA bags.
Pukka Salmon Oil - £4.99 per 250ml
Pukka Salmon Oil is a high grade oil from Norway. It has a superb taste and excellent attraction properties coupled with a high nutritional value. A must in any fish mix. One of the best oils to add to your trout pellets.

Minamino - £8.50 per 250ml
This highly regarded product contains a whole range of Amino Acids, Vitamins & Minerals as well as a high percentage of Sugar. The Balance must be perfect for the carp, considering the amazing amount of fish that have been caught when using
Minamino over the years. A superb additive in any bait.It is also an excellent bait soak and is really worth using as an additive in groundbaits.

Pure Hemp Oil - £8.50 per 250ml
Being possibly the first carp bait company to market pure cold pressed hemp oil, we certainly know the rewards that can be had when using this totally natural oil in the right baits. Again it is also an excellent additive in groundbaits and particles.
Highly recommended in the “Seed of the Weed”. 

Golden Corn Oil - £9.99 per 250ml
One of the best tasting and smelling products that we have seen in years, ideal for an additive in your mix but it is also excellent in any ground bait mix or as an additive to your particles. This additive has also been highly effective when added to
floating baits. It is golden in colour and has a strong buttered sweet corn smell and taste.
Tiger Nut Extract - £8.50 per 500ml
This super sweet and sticky extract is a must in any base mix, particle mix, ground bait mix or in with your pellets. The carp just love it!

Corn Steep Liquor - £8.50 per 250ml
What can we say about this one that has not already been said. CSL is a highly regarded additive in any base mix and is also an excellent ground bait additive. We strongly advise its use in the Seed of the Weed, brilliant.

Amino/Betaine - £7.99 per 50g
Betaine Hydrochloride has proved to be highly stimulatory to both primary and secondary receptors. It has also been found that it is more effective when used in combination with Amino Acids. Therefore, our Betaine contains numerous free Amino Acids, resulting in an extremely effective attractor for all seasons.
Green Lipped Mussel - £7.99 per 50g
Green Lipped Mussel (GLM) is a highly regarded big fish attractor and is a natural
source of Betaine.

Antarctic Krill - £5.99 per 100g
Antarctic Krill has a very high nutritional value. Excellent Amino and Fatty Acid profiles with a protein content of 58%. An excellent additive in any base mix or ground bait.

Jaw Breaker - £5.99 per 112g
This is a powdered hookbait hardener that can be used with any of our base mixes. Will give you rock hard hookbaits to combat the problem of nuisance fish, crayfish, ducks etc.

Powdered Colours - £4.75
Midnight Black, Fluro Yellow, Orange, The White, Golden Brown, Red Hot Red. These colours are stay fast, they will not wash out in the water.
Corn Oil
Tiger Nut Extract
50g Powders
Hemp Oil
Anchovy +
Salmon Oil
Liver Extract
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