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Jules Webb - Carp Company Partner                                                  

PB: 47lb 8oz                               

I started fishing when I was 8 years old on the Tilgate Park Lakes, Crawley and before long the sight of the lads catching carp had me hooked. Through my teens I continued chasing carp on club waters on the Farnham  and Godalming tickets.  After a chance meeting with Bob Newman in a local tackle shop, I found myself fishing sessions with Bob on Orchid Lakes, Send Pits and a Colne Valley Pit.

So when I was offered the chance to become the part owner of "Carp Company" I jumped at the opporunity and have never looked back. I have had the chance over the years to fish some great waters for some stunning fish, but I now find myself drawn to the peaceful waters and the looks of the fish not the size, I just love "Lenneys". 

Favourite bait has to be Natural Impact with Squid & Lobster EPAs with Minamino & loads of GLM  

Bob Newman - Carp Company Partner                                                  

PB: 48lb 8oz                                

I started fishing at around 8 years old, fishing the River Thames and local ponds in the Epsom area in fact any bit of blue that I could see on the ordnance survey map.  In my late teens I started to fish further afield and concentrate more on Carp, leading me to fish waters like Wagoners Wells and various Surrey Club waters. In the late 80's and the start of Carp Company, I started to fish larger waters Including Hive Lagoon, Colne Mere, Harefield Lake as well as other Colne Valley gravel pits. 

Having spent a couple of years at Orchid Lake I found myself going back to fish Send Pits on the Woking Club ticket, In pursuit of some of the old "Lenney's" that live there. In recent years I have been lucky enough to enjoy plenty of trips to France searching for big Carp.

Favourite bait has to be a toss-up between The Nut Mix with Chocolate Nut & Sweet Cream or the Icelandic Red Caviar & Cranberry.

Tom James                                              
PB: 42lb 12oz                                    
I have been fishing for as long as I can remember and carp fishing for the last 25 years. I now target achievable special fish that I feel catchable in the limited time that I have available. I know  by using carp company baits that I'm using a good quality food bait that is not only very attractive to the carp but will last and continue to catch year after year. The range offers me versatility so weather I'm fishing for runs to test out tackle or sitting it out waiting for that elusive biggun I know that the bait on the end of my hook I have 100% confidence in. 
My favorite water over the years has to be Boldermere where it was just me against my target fish. Or the Thames where you bait and work the swim and your effort really does equal the reward.

Tom Oliver                                          

PB: 44lb 08oz

From the age I could walk I have always been completely obsessed with fish and water! My Granddad took me fishing for the first time at the age of 4 and I have never looked back. My angling evolved from ‘pleasure fishing’ for anything that would take my bait, to competitive match fishing as a young teenager, then onto specimen carp fishing in my final years of school. I left my home town of Banbury at the age of 18 and moved down to Hampshire to study Fisheries Management at the notorious Sparsholt College, where I left with a level 3 National Diploma in Fisheries Management. I now work full time for ‘For Life Experiences’ as the manager and thoroughly enjoy my job and feel a great sense of reward for the work I do, helping to bring new anglers into the sport.

. When I’m not working or competing in competitions I enjoy fishing on more difficult venues for special fish that inhabit them. My current personal best is a 44.08lb linear from a 30 acre gravel pit in Chicester and was the first fish I really targeted. I am currently fishing on a couple of gravel pits in the Ringwood valley area and will be targeting several special 40lb+ carp this season.

 I am extremely excited about the opportunity to fish as part of the Carp Company team and finally feel settled with a bait company that I am 100% happy with.  Now after starting to use the incredible Icelandic Red with Caviar & Cranberry and I know I could take this bait to any water and the carp that reside there would eat it with confidence.  

I hope that I can build a long standing relationship with both Jules and Bob and provide some of my own input to future product development as well as using their great products that have a proven track record to further my own angling. 

John Paine

PB - 59lb

My name is John Paine (johnthebait). I have been fishing for over 40 years and specimen carp and cat fishing for over 25 years. Over this time, I have travelled to countries including France, Germany, Spain and USA catching some fantastic specimens including carp to 59lb and cat fish to 160lb. I have used Carp Company bait for about 18 years now with 2 very small breaks to other companies but have come back with my tail between my legs as I believe this is the best bait on the market by far. My favourite baits are Winter Nut mix Chocolate nut sweet cream, Spring OPM, Summer Icelandic Red Caviar and Cranberry, Autumn OPM.




Tim Oatley

PB - 78lb 15oz

My name is Tim Oatley, from the Isle of Wight. Fisheries manager, tackle shop owner and French carp fishing addictI’ve been carp fishing since the mid-80s , mainly on the Isle of Wight but also mainland England . In recent years most of my fishing has been done abroad.Like many anglers, I have used my fair share of different bait companies over that time and could never settle on using one company.Around 15 years ago, I set up my own day ticket fishery on the Island . A good friend of mine was already a carp company convert. He persuaded me to apply for an account with Bob and Jules to sell their bait on my lake. That’s really where it all started. After repeatedly seeing great catches and good growth rates by my fish, I knew these were top quality products and started to use them myself. To this day, on my lakes. Nearly 15 years on. Either Icelandic Red with Cranberry and Caviar, Or in the colder months. Fruity Nekta with classic fruit and sweet cream are the baits to use. These account for between 75% and 80% of all the captures each year.Since I have been using Carp Company’s baits, there’s been no looking back. All of my largest fish have been caught using them. All of my English 40s and every one of my French 50s 60s and 70s Without a doubt confidence and quality in a bag.




Michael McMahon 

PB 45lb 8

I started my angling journey many moons ago fishing local beaches and piers with my farther. The seeds of my obsession for carp were planted 24 years ago when a friend introduced me to his parent's pond that was about half an acre and full of carp to 10lb. From this I fished many local waters for other species and larger carp with some success. My angling started to really evolve around 19 years ago upon joining my first syndicate. Since then I have enjoyed the challenge of more difficult waters and the many trials and tribulations they bring. I have been fortunate enough to catch a number of English forties. With Pb common carp 42lb 2 and Pb mirror carp 45lb 8, French Pb 53lb 2.

I only have very limited angling time due to a small family. I get out on the bank for short overnighters and I know that Carp Company only use top quality ingredients which make a high quality food bait that's got a proven track record for over 30 years {how many companies can say that!} The bait is not just instantly accepted by carp but goes from strength to strength on waters year after year and doesn't blow. I can safely say I'm 110% confident in the bait and just have to worry about a location! I am really looking forward to working with Bob and Jules as they offer a wealth of knowledge and top bait that has stood the test of time.


Confidence in a bag, Mike.

James Mac

PB UK - 50lb 4oz     PB France - 81lb 10oz  


Hi all James Mac here
I have been fishing for most of my life starting off on the local Manchester canals with my old man, just a bit bashing for silvers and
as time progressed so did my angling as i hit my teenage years i found myself searching for bigger and bigger carp, it became abit of and addiction.
Over the last couple of years i have been fishing venues closer to home catching some real big monsters from a few different places. 2017 has seen me beat my personal best of 45lb 6oz with a fish known as (awol) at 50lb 4oz which has been one of my main targets to hit a uk 50lb
I also like a spot of fishing over seas and in 2016 using Carp Company Caviar & Cranberry  I managed to land an impressive 81lb 10oz mirror known as (Matey) which smashed my current foreign personal best by over 25lb
I have enjoyed my time with Carp Company with some great captures on the Caviar & Cranberry, Opm and my favourite the Nut Mix and look forward to the years ahead using such a great bait i have 100% confidence in. Thank you to Jules who i have massive respect for he is a top guy and certainly knows his stuff when it comes to bait and always on hand to get my bait delivered which is usually with me the very next day.
What a bait! What a company!
Tight lines everyone, be lucky.
- James Mac

Tony Smeets

PB UK - 47lb 8oz

I’ve been fishing since 1977, after seeing my first carp on the bank. That was me hooked, excuse the pun. In those days, when everything was a secret, it was hard going try to find out as much as you could to point you in the right direction to catch carp. Blimey, that makes me sound really old!

Over the years my carp fishing has taken different directions; I've chased the resident monsters, expending so much time and a ridiculous amount of effort to reach my goal, but once I started my own business this was something I knew wasn't going to be possible any more. 

Now, I just enjoy going fishing, catching fish, sharing what I’ve learned, and having a few chosen waters to meet all my needs, whether it's chasing certain fish if I have the time, or just getting a bend in the rod. As long as it puts a smile on my face, it’s absolutely my kind of fishing.

If you see me on the bank, please say hello. I've always got the kettle on. 

Follow me on: 

Instagram - tonysmeets,  or Facebook - Tony Smeets. 



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